PCS Move Calculator

PCS Move Calculator

PCS Move Calculator-An Efficient Tool

housing_for_military_3-300x199The PCS move calculator is a highly efficient tool in calculating the exact expense that you will have while you are moving from one place to another. For example if you specify the place from where to where you are transporting then it will tell you the mileage and consequent reimbursement. You will able to calculate the amount of reimbursement that you will get with this. PCS move calculator is the best way to save money and many people even profit by planning with the help of the PCS move calculator.

How the PCS move calculator can help

There are four kinds of moves in government services.
1. In case you have a mobile home, you can take some and leave some in the mobile home. The mobile home will be transported along with the possessions left under military services.
2. The military allocates assignment of relocation to a company while you pack and load. Reaching your destination, you will have to unload.
3. The military services pay you a claim that you have placed after you have privately called on for services of a vehicle.
4. You get an advance to arrange for a rental vehicle.

army_housing_military_2-300x199In all the above cases, PCS move calculator will tell you how much you may expect from the government. The government takes charge of the certain amount of weight rest you will have to transit yourself. The PCS move calculator is efficient in estimating the costs in case you are planning to shift base with your own vehicle. The PCS move calculator will even take into consideration whether you are traveling by a rental or borrowed vehicle. Apart from the mileage, the PCS calculator will also consider you insurance allowance and travel allowance. Again, you may save some money and profit out of the relocation if you plan accordingly. With the PCS move, calculator plans your transition beforehand. If you are smart enough, you can avail lower costs of services. Yet your stipend is fixed, so you will get that the amount fixed. This is how you can profit out of your relocation.

Documents to submit while claiming for expenses

army_housing_military_1-300x198You will have to be connected to the shipping office to get enrolled for the PCS move calculator before shifting. You need prior approval after which the shipping office will help you with the rest of the procedure. The weight allowance also will be notified to you according to your rank and number of family members. After relocating, you have forty-five days to claim with the following documents:
Weight tickets in loaded and empty condition
DITY move certification
Receipts of all that you have paid for gas, toll and packing material
Copy of your PCS order
DD 2278 form
Vehicle rental contract
Your allowances and pay in advance
You allowances per mile are as following:
For individual, it is fifteen cents a mile.
For two travelers, it is seventeen cents for a mile.
For three travelers, it is nineteen cents a mile.
Moreover, for four or more than that it is twenty cents a mile.
You can get a claim also for family members who are not travelling with you. This happens due to age or obligations like school.

Military Move Calculator

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